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Once a “foodie” always a “foodie” so I still love food and really enjoy cooking and feeding people.

Recently I was challenged with the overwhelming task of cooking and caring for someone who was diagnosed with inoperable prostate cancer. We very quickly started researching and immediately started changing all of our food over to organics and eliminating any foods that might even be a small chance of having a negative affect on the body while going through treatments and afterward for the best chances of not only survival but better health for remaining years. This was no easy feat but it was a real eye opener for both of us for sure. I am now hoping that some of what we learned and did will help others through it too.

I am known as “Dial-A-Cook” amongst my family and friends because I love to cook! This talent and love of cooking definitely made it easier for me to create and convert tasty food while going through this challenging time.

Here is a link to my first Kindle book “Cooking Steak”


Sally is the owner of Social Success Rockets.

Sally is the owner of http://socialsuccessrockets.com. With over 20 years of experience as a marketer and business leader, she has built strong and loyal teams within several organizations. In previous roles Sally served as Director of Sales and Marketing and Office Manager for a 200 year old New England company where she was ultimately responsible for creating and implementing all aspects of marketing, sales, and strategic planning for an entire division resulting in a 300% growth rate over a four year period. Additionally, she served as the Director of Sales and Marketing in the Mid-Atlantic Region for another New England company that resulted in securing over $6M in business with local retailers. Sally currently specializes in Social Media and Online Marketing.